Say you want a revolution?

Website - 2 November 2005

Is it unreasonable to organise a revolution at your workplace? I don't think it is. The system at Co op is (still) based on age and patronage, and it's the kind of hierarchy that Marxists love to get their teeth into. There's a wall between the managers and the staff, and many more walls in between older and younger staff. But this week, someone discovered that our manager earns "about three grand" a MONTH. That's 36,000 a year! It doesn't bother me too much - largely because I'm not chained to Co op as a way of life. I used to say that some of the stunts I pulled at work made boring jobs bearable. They don't. Revolutions do. Anyway, wasn't Co op founded on socialist principles? It's extraordinary how much my political views have changed over the past year or so - I used to be on the wrong side of war debates, but now I know it's going to be me proudly holding a huge Che Guevara flag over the riots at Leeds next year. But you won't fool... A couple of weeks ago I tried out a photography project. I went about Pickering taking snaps of all the 'Private' and 'No Entry' signs I could find - I also took a few nice pastoral pictures. They're just stored on this laptop at the moment, not quite sure what to do with them... perhaps I'll use them to highlight the continuing land ownership problem or something. I love my digital camera. Elsewhere.. Andy (one of my good friends) is getting married in less than a fortnight! He's been my friend since primary school, so it feels a little strange - I'm an usher though and I'm looking forward to it. I got an offer from Glasgow University! It's my second choice, after Edinburgh - but it's still good. On a more perculiar note, I've taken to writing down my dreams. I've been glued to a book called 'Black Coffee Blues' by Henry Rollins (fiver from HMV) - it's mainly his take on the world around him. He used to be in a band called Black Flag, which toured the world in the late 80s/early 90s. Rollins has included some travel stories and comments, an interesting section called 124 Worlds (124 scenarios he's created), some philosophy and some of his dreams. Here's one of my dreams. I'm watching television with my family. Sophia Loren is being interviewed and a burning candle is all that makes them visible. The interviewer cracks a joke. Sophia laughs so hard and she leans forward. The flame from the candle sets her hair alight. She's still laughing. The flames spread down her cheeks and her skin melts and falls off. After a few moments, only her skull remains - smoke pours out from her eye sockets. She's still laughing. I need a smoke...