A very British Friday...

6th Magazine - 26 October 2005

A bartender cracks open a bottle of Bud, taking in the rare ambiance of his shift. An ocean of cider, lager and aftershock is being mopped up by red-shirted cleaners, and the smell of tobacco is pungent.

Shapes of broken glass litter the floor – Smirnoff bottles that have been used as drunken weapons blow around in the car park outside, and the clinking of glass is abundant in the post-binge clear-up of the busiest weekend bar in the quiet market town of Pickering – the Bay Horse.

No pubs here have applied for the extended drinking freedoms granted by HM Government, so for the foreseeable future at least, we can look forward to the weekly madness on Market Place that erupts when bingers are churned out of their drinking palaces at around 11.30pm.