A response to: “We’re all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars…” – Oscar Wilde.

The Gutter was real, but Stars were my muse;
In the Gutter I dwelled, bored but patient.
My time would come through a fear not to lose
The chance to ‘make good’, and plans were hastened.

My first tracks were slow, but others drove me
To the Stars I aimed, through charm and appeal.
My flight was clear for those below to see,
But to them I was blind; they were concealed.

On my bold journey, I never thought twice.
Exhausted yet encouraged, I went on.
Some travelled fast while others dropped like flies.
Kin watched with pride, till the voyage was done.

Among the Stars, I consumed my reward;
For it is where I’d always longed to be.
And yet what I can no longer afford;
The lure of the Gutter, that I now see.

The Stars sparkle still, ever compelling,
Yet I can’t help but ponder my descent.
Perhaps I should return to star-gazing,
Past versus future, confuses present.