Album review: Cursing the Sea by September Girls

Published by Press Association


VIDEO: September Girls - Green Eyed (official video)

Imagine if the Bangles had been around the block once or twice, and you'd still be a million miles away from really getting what September Girls are all about.

Bark Psychosis, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, the Cure, Blonde Redhead and Yeah Yeah Yeahs are other bands that come to mind on a first listen of this all-female Dublin five-piece's debut, but it takes a fair few plays before their reverb-laden guitars, echoing harmonies and twitchy rhythms begin to wash over you.

And wash over you they do, completely and mesmerically.

This brand of garage pop is not linear enough to make the mainstream, but thankfully it's at least made it further than trying to be heard over the coffee slurps and nonchalant murmurs of drainpiped hipsters in a crowded Dalston cellar.

Succeed, this record will, in charming the ears touched by its beautiful, kaleidoscopic mess.



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