Comedy preview: Steve-O: The Entirely Too Much Information Tour @ O2 ABC, Glasgow

Published by METRO

Do people actually pay money to watch someone set their own head on fire? Swallow a goldfish? Chug beer up their rear end?

The answer is clearly ‘yes’, because this guy has enjoyed incredible success performing such outrageous stunts on our screens over the years. With highlights including hurling himself four storeys into a hotel swimming pool and riding a unicycle into an alligator’s pond, you’ll know Steve-O from Jackass and Wildboyz – shows that grossed millions of dollars and made him a household name.

However, after subsequently developing psychiatric problems and enduring time in rehab for drugs and alcohol abuse, the British-born comic came up with a new idea. He wanted to continue putting himself through the sickening and dangerous ordeals, of course, but alongside a stand-up routine.

Besides discussing frankly how he overcame his addiction problems and struggles with fame, Steve-O’s material drew largely on the mayhem that surrounded the filming of Jackass. The Entirely Too Much Information Tour started in the US and Canada, before crossing continents to Australia earlier this year and beginning its four-week run in Europe last month.

It’ll soon be the turn of Glasgow’s O2 ABC to welcome the 37-year-old to its stage. He’ll find himself in a country that made him smile on his previous visit, as he tweeted from this year’s Fringe: ‘Walking around Edinburgh, I’ve seen a bunch of dudes wearing skirts. I had no idea Scottish dudes actually wore those things out. Hilarious!’

Anyway, I know you’ve made no plans for the evening of this maniac’s sole Scottish date, because it falls on a Sunday. You’re not exactly going to be doing a lot, and this performance is guaranteed to make you forget about the impending start of the working week more than most other activities.

But if you decide to go, please don’t try anything silly at home afterwards. I just couldn’t live with myself if anything bad were to happen.