Comedy preview: Frankie Boyle @ The Stand, Glasgow

Published by METRO

Mondays and Wednesdays until 14 March, 6pm, £10, The Stand Comedy Club, Glasgow. Tel: 0844 335 8879. www.thestand.co.uk/glasgow

Many introductions have been written of this man. However, they'll mostly soon be outdated, because Frankie Boyle's days as a 'comedian' are numbered.

That sounds like a threat, so let me explain. These warm-up shows at Boyle's beloved Stand precede the Last Days Of Sodom tour, which will be his swan song.

Of course, the Glaswegian has announced his early retirement before - 2010's I Would Happily Punch Every One Of You In The Face was supposed to be his final outing - but now he means it.

Yes, his autobiographies, newspaper columns, stand-up gigs and panel show appearances will be no more, so here's your chance to see the master at work before he bows out at the top of his game.

And what of a life after comedy? Happy park strolls with the family? Or lonely allotment shed with the wireless?

Alas, Frankie, farewell. It's been controversial.