Music preview: GMFF - A Psychocinematic Ritual

Published by METRO

Tonight (23 February), 8pm, £5 adv/£6 door, The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow. Tel: 0141 222 2254. www.stereocafebar.com

VIDEO: A Psychocinematic Ritual: OV, The Psychogeographical Commission & The Wyrding Module - trailer

So today is Thursday, and you know the drill. Another morning commute, another day in the office, followed by another evening with nothing to do but channel-hop and plan the weekend.

Well, listen up. While the Glasgow Music and Film Festival (GMFF) is in full flow, there’s no excuse for letting yourself sleepwalk into a schedule so crushingly formulaic.

Taking place at The Old Hairdressers (opposite Stereo down Renfield Lane) tonight is a GMFF highlight – a mesmerising live experience that promises to shock and disturb.

It features occult project OV – comprised of Desalvo, Unwinding Hours and Sons and Daughters – performing film soundtracks over visuals that convey the beauty and cruelty of war.

Plus, a debut musical experiment by The Psychogeographical Commission focuses on themes of real and imagined landscapes in a style as thrillingly avant-garde as its name suggests.

The Wyrding Module (aka Christopher Gladwin) also gets in on the act, providing a miscellany of ‘psychotronic sounds’ inspired by post-industrial ambience.

Shows like this make the nightlife in the Weeg world famous, and your Thursday worth getting up for.