Musical preview: Carnival Du Vampires Rock @ Edinburgh Playhouse

Published by METRO

Tonight (12 March), 7.30pm, £26, The Edinburgh Playhouse, Edinburgh. Tel: 0870 606 3424. www.edinburghplayhouse.org.uk

VIDEO: Vampires Rock 2008 Tour - 'Welcome To The Jungle'

Do I know you? Oh yes, that’s right – you’re that guy who’s down the pub at the end of my street every night.

I’ve been meaning to inform you – though I’m too scared to do so in person – that Highway To Hell and Sweet Child O’ Mine are not the only songs available on the jukebox.

You know what I think you need? A change of scene.

Tonight you can sing along to all your favourite classic rock anthems in a spectacular musical at the Edinburgh Playhouse.

Featuring some superb performers and fabulous outfits, Carnival Du Vampires Rock tells the story of an evil nightclub owner (played by show creator Steve Steinman) who’s on the lookout for a new bride.

And to make things even cooler, it’s set in New York – in the year 2030.

It’s the event your brand new air guitar strings have been waiting for, so how about it?