Theatre preview: Eight @ Tron Theatre, Glasgow

Published by METRO

Tonight (12 June) until Saturday (16 June), 8pm, £10 (concessions £7), Tron Theatre, Glasgow.
Tel: 0141 552 4267. www.tron.co.uk

Bloody students, spending all their time swilling cocktails while the rest of us have to work for a living. Doesn’t their idleness just make you sick?

Well, there’s always an element of truth in stereotypes, but this simply can’t be said of the Royal Conservatoire Of Scotland’s scholars, who are – by anyone’s definition – a focused bunch.

Not a week has passed since they showed us what their vibrant theatrical minds are capable of with the successful On The Verge at The Arches, and tonight they’re at it again – setting their sights on Merchant City, where they take on a belter of a play at Tron Theatre.

First performed at the 2008 Fringe, Ella Hickson’s award-winning Eight was inspired by the results of a survey of British twenty-somethings. It centres on an octet of characters – including a 7/7 survivor and an ex-squaddie – whose evocative monologues reveal the plurality of a generation, and allude to our human desire to belong.

This challenging work is brought back to the stage by Glasgow theatre company NewUpNorth-Scotland – a dynamic young outfit committed to powerful storytelling.

Bloody students, treating us to such great theatre at a reasonable price. Tut-tut.