Album review: 'I Walk' by Herbert Grönemeyer

Published by Press Association


VIDEO: Herbert Grönemeyer - Will I Ever Learn

Soft-rock star Herbert Grönemeyer is über-popular in his native Germany, but then again, so is David Hasselhoff.

I Want, Grönemeyer’s debut English-language recording, is a classic example of middle-of-the-road mediocrity.

Imagine a 56-year-old James Blunt, singing clichéd yarns about broken hearts and kindred souls from the side of his mouth, as a backing group slogs through the theatrical power chords and synths of a recent Bryan Adams B-side. Yeah.

It’s not terrible – James Dean Bradfield and Antony Hegarty make notable appearances on the album – just a little too safe.

Herbert Grönemeyer is surely on his way to becoming one of the biggest names in soft-rock. Sadly for him, though, only literally.