'Change', 'Revelation' and 'Ketamine': three pieces of flash fiction under 50 words


Closing her eyes tightly, she felt a chill run up her neck and into her cheeks. Then her eyes felt wet. Suddenly, she realised the moment was real and it was hers. It felt neither good nor bad, just different — a radically different way of viewing her life.


The moon cast a spidered glow on the wall next to the boy's head. Without even thinking about it, he reached out and touched it. It felt warm. Immediately, he sensed that he'd remember this moment in years to come.


Dawn's blue glow crept around the curtains as beads of condensation clung to the glass like warts. The drugs were wearing off. It was time to go. A few nights later, when he was bored, he decided it was worth doing again.


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