Theatre preview: Do You Nomi?
@ Tron Theatre, Glasgow

Published by Metro

20-21 February 2013, 7.45pm, £7-£12,
Tron Theatre, Glasgow. Tel: 0141 552 4267

Imagine a skinny Penguin from Batman, with vocal skills, in the weirdest dream you’ve ever had – and you’re still a million miles short of Klaus Nomi. The German performer was one of the most outrageous stars of New York’s avant-garde scene in the 1970s and 80s, when he became known for his operatic falsetto voice and synthesiser-heavy new wave music. Seriously, YouTube him.

In 1983, at the height of his fame, Nomi’s life was cut tragically short by the then-misunderstood AIDS virus. We lost a good one back then, but tonight we’re gaining a suitably lively theatrical tribute.

Do You Nomi? weaves a poignant narrative around dance and theatre in an emotionally driven journey into the life, mind and times of this enigmatic icon who hid behind a stage persona as the western world stood on the brink of change.

“It was in the Tron Theatre bar that myself and choreographer Alan Greig concocted the idea for the show,” said director and co-creator Grant Smeaton. “So we’re excited to bring it to Glasgow, and the Tron, where it all began.”


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