Theatre preview: Museum of Postmodern Art - Oblivia

Published by Metro

Wednesday 10 April, 7.45pm, £8-£10,
Tramway, Glasgow. Tel: 0845 330 3501.

VIDEO: A discussion about Museum of Postmodern Art

There’s a bit of a buzz over at Tramway. Apparently Postmodernism has had its day, and the next big thing will be unveiled at the Glasgow venue this evening.

For one night only, Finnish performance group Oblivia presents an intelligent, funny, and bold new production about, well, kind of everything.

The specific details are anyone’s guess. There may be audience participation, there may be dancing. Heck, there may be strobe lighting, multimedia displays, and bubbles. Free wine is unlikely.

What we do know is that Museum of Postmodern Art is precisely that – a fictitious exhibition, which serves as a vehicle for communicating profound observations on popular culture, asking a series of existential questions about humanity, and exploring the complex issues of past, present and future.

In spite of the question marks regarding the show’s content, we should probably trust Tramway’s judgement here. After all, the South Side venue is nationally renowned for staging challenging and purposeful works that will always be worth the subway ride (and a bit of a walk) from Glasgow’s city centre – or even Edinburgh's for that matter – to enjoy.


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