Music preview: eagleowl @ Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh and the Glad Café, Glasgow

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Friday 10 May, 8pm, £7, Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh. Tel: 0131 556 6550

Sunday 12 May, 8pm, £6, Glad Café, Glasgow.
Tel: 0141 636 6119

VIDEO: eagleowl – Into the Fold (2009 live session)

It’s taken eagleowl eight years to release their debut album. Eight years. That’s 416 weeks, almost 3000 days, or… like, loads of hours.

Describing themselves as a 'lethargic pop band', the two-come-six-piece got together way back in 2005 – the same year Liverpool won the Champions League, George W Bush began a second term as President of the United States, and the British economy was apparently booming.

So yes, this weekend’s launch of This Silent Year has been a long time coming.

Flying their flag somewhere between alternative rock, post-folk and shoegaze, eagleowl’s music is a warm glow of whispered harmonies and tender strings – a fusion of guitar, violin, cello, double-bass, organ, harmonium and percussion, riddled with imagery and melancholy. The sound is inherently Scottish, the emotion universal.

"A lot of the songs from the record have worked their way into our live set in the past year or so, but this is the first time we’ll be playing the whole thing," said the group’s guitarist, vocalist and founding member Bartholomew Owl.

"The diversity of both venues – Edinburgh’s Pleasance Theatre and the lovely little Glad Café in Glasgow – will mean each gig has a different feel. We’re really excited."

Whichever side of the M8 you call home, you simply can’t afford to miss this promising young outfit strutting their stuff in these two very special performances.


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