Music preview: Boxes @ King Tut's, Glasgow

Published by METRO

King Tut’s was once described to me as ‘the Arsene Wenger of Scotland’s music venues’. If you understand that this person was referring to either’s ability to identify the cream of the crop of unsigned talent and make them into stars, then the metaphor won’t be lost on you.

Really, though, a King Tut’s gig can be a major turning point in an artist’s career. Just ask Biffy Clyro, Oasis, or any of the other top groups that have made a name for themselves on its modest yet magical stage.

Thinking about its proud history makes this particular performance all the more intriguing, because the man behind Boxes is no stranger to the dizzying heights of arena tours and summer festivals. Carey Willets is the bassist from Athlete.

I toyed with revealing that information, which could lead people into making premature and inaccurate musical assumptions. In reality, Boxes takes Willets’s previously understated abilities as a multi-instrumentalist to impressive new levels.

With synth-laden melodies that uplift, looped guitar rhythms that bedazzle and heart-felt lyrics that inspire, Boxes is an acoustic-electronic hybrid that provides the perfect soundtrack to while away one of your dark and contemplative autumnal evenings. Like the Postal Service and Bright Eyes, the overall sound packs a fair emotional punch – no pun intended.

And when you can, you should watch the video for the debut single Throw Your Stones – taken from the recently-released Silent Alarm EP – which features Dermot O’Leary, Zoe Ball and Heston Blumenthal.

So, why did I decide to mention that Willets is a member of Athlete after all? Well, I think it illuminates an important quality – he could quite easily rest on the stardom of a band in which he’s musically restricted, yet he’s going back to music’s humble origins to show us what he’s capable of. Now, if he isn’t a musician worth seeing, I’m not sure who is.