Music preview: The Overtones @ Royal Concert Halls, Glasgow

Published by METRO

Whenever I come across vocal harmony groups – and I never have – I prefer them to have broken into showbiz the fairytale way. At a barbershop, where they’ve been singing while simultaneously cutting hair for so long it’s become an incredibly dangerous place to get a trim. Where, one day, a customer turns out to be a cigar-chomping record company executive, pays for his short back and sides by offering the staff a recording contract, and the whole place explodes with rapturous applause.

Well, you know what, the Overtones aren’t that far removed from such a magical story. In London’s West End, a Warner Brothers talent scout happened to catch five lads belting out a tune while they worked as decorators in a shop. After being invited to audition at the label, they were offered a deal, and the rest is history.

The quintet soon made an appearance as the house band on ITV’s Dancing on Ice and featured on Britain’s Got Talent. Possessing the ability to make classic numbers their own in an endearing doo-wop style, as well as write their own material, the group’s debut album Good Ol’ Fashioned Love reached No.4 in the charts. However, it was while performing on tour last year that they discovered the hit they’d become, and Glasgow in particular holds some happy memories.

‘Our Glasgow gig was the craziest we’ve ever played,’ said band member Mark Franks. ‘People threw bras and knickers at us on stage, while others were jumping up and down and singing along with us. It was absolutely amazing.’

This time around, however, the group’s show has been tailored to the larger venue. Mark explained that although the vocal performance will remain the most important factor when they take to the Royal Concert Halls stage, more hard work has gone into the wider production than ever before.

Tonight’s concert follows Monday’s release of the Platinum Edition of Good Ol’ Fashioned Love that, along with the twelve tracks from the original album, includes three brand new songs. Fans who buy the record will also be treated to three additional bonus tracks, which are cover versions of numbers by The Four Seasons, Adele and Rihanna.

If this isn’t enough to get their dedicated Glasgow fans going again, Mark revealed that the band might even be tempted to head out on the town once they’re done on stage.

‘Hopefully we’ll have time to go out for a few drinks, explore the nightlife a little, and perhaps even try a deep-fried Mars bar!’ he said.

So, they send crowds wild, they’re at the top of their game and they’re very excited to be performing in Glasgow again. What more could you ask of this five-piece? Well, maybe don’t try to book them for any painting jobs till after the tour, OK?