Event preview: Haircuts By Children @ Alice Rocks Hairdressers, Glasgow

Published by METRO

Tomorrow and Sunday (28/29 April), 1-5pm, FREE (book ahead), Alice Rocks Hairdressers, Glasgow. Tel: 0141 565 1000. www.thearches.co.uk

Mad Mike wasn't actually crazy - he just liked cutting off all your hair. Quickly. I mean, this barber would barely even grunt a greeting before he'd start aggressively positioning your barnet for either a 'slick skinhead' or a 'classic crew cut'. There were no other styles.

I started cutting my own after Mad Mike sold up and left town - with arguably better results - though something happening this weekend might just tempt me back into the chair.

Haircuts By Children does exactly what it says on the tin. It's presented by Toronto-based collective Mammalian Diving Reflex, and explores the trust we place in kids as creative and competent individuals.

Following a week of training, a group of ten-year-olds will be getting scissor-happy at hairdressing salon Alice Rocks (on Gibson Street) in this free participatory experience that playfully engages with the vanity of adults and the enfranchisement of youngsters.

The event marks the end of The Arches' Behaviour festival, which has welcomed an array of exciting live performances to Glasgow over the past eight weeks.

So whether it's a Morrissey quiff or a pixie cut you're after, you may be surprised at what these little guys can do.