'Looking for the right sort of place'

I was driving east, I remember that much. But I still can’t really remember why. I knew she’d kill me if she knew I was out. I’d left her in bed, you see. She didn’t want me to leave the house like that, not on the day Mike and Louise were coming to stay. It meant a lot to her. It meant a lot to both of us. She wanted to keep an eye on me, is what I’m trying to say.

Anyway, I’m driving east, following this minor road. It’s more like a dirt track, actually, winding past all the fields. Then I go on through this open gate and find myself at a car boot sale. I’m like 'what the fuck?', but I figure that while I’m here, I’ll buy a case of beer. Right? So I wander around looking for the right sort of place, and there she is. With Mike. She’s standing next to him, and he’s got his big hand around her waist. And he looks great.

The worst thing about the whole experience was that he was buying her one of those baked potatoes, with as many toppings as she wanted. Why didn’t I ever do that for her? I couldn’t tell you how long I was stood there, just looking at them. The breeze brought out pimples on my skin.

So I got my beers and left, and when I got home I called Louise right away.