Edinburgh Festival | Comedy preview: Barry Morgan's World Of Organs @ Underbelly, Cowgate, Edinburgh

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Until Monday 27 August, 7.20pm, £11.50/£13.50 (£10.50/£12.50 concessions) Underbelly, Cowgate (V61), Edinburgh. Tel: 0844 545 8252. www.underbelly.co.uk

VIDEO: Barry Morgan — Big Bossa

There must be a reason why virtually every church organ player looks like their dog has just died. I just don’t get it; if you’re bashing out a tuneful Psalm on one of the coolest instruments in the world, what’s not to smile about exactly?

Well, the Fringe is traditionally a place of firsts, and this year is no different. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Barry Morgan – the first-ever happy organist. He’s a little too happy, to be honest, but nevertheless hilarious.

Proudly hailing from Adelaide, Australia, but physically reminiscent of someone from The Fast Show’s ‘Chanel 9’ TV sketch, this celebrity organ salesman (portrayed by Stephen Teakle) crosses hemispheres to share his love for the instrument in his debut show at Underbelly, Cowgate.

It involves him charming his way into your ears with the velvety tones and exotic grooves of a vintage 1981 Hammond Aurora Classic.

Now, while a moustached, organ-crazy Aussie might be the stuff of nightmares for most of the year, this is character comedy at its funniest here at the Fringe.