Music preview: Karen Matheson @ Òran Mór, Glasgow

Published by METRO

Wednesday 15 August, 7pm, £18, Òran Mór, Glasgow. Tel: 0844 395 4005. www.oran-mor.co.uk

VIDEO: Karen Matheson with Donald Shaw —
Crucán Na bPáiste (Downriver, 2006)

You’ve probably heard about all the fun happening in Edinburgh. About the thousands of people rubbing shoulders on the Royal Mile to feast their eyes, ears and goodness knows what else on some of the genius on offer at this month's Fringe.

But there’s plenty happening at the other end of the M8 — where Glasgow is keeping it simple, and very Scottish.

Tomorrow night, Karen Matheson takes to the stage at Òran Mór for a warm, intimate show befitting of the enchanting West End venue’s evening glow.

In a spectacle for folk enthusiasts nationwide, the Gaelic singer’s impassioned vocals will manoeuvre delicately around the tender rhythms of two long-time collaborators — guitarist James Grant and pianist Donald Shaw.

As frontwoman of Celtic super-group Capercaillie, Matheson has sold one million-plus records, performed in more than thirty countries and starred in the blockbuster movie Rob Roy with Liam Neeson and Jessica Lange.

She's worked with a host of respected musicians so far in her solo career, playing sell-out gigs across the country and winning a number high-profile fans — including Sean Connery.

Her most recent studio album, the 2005 acoustic masterpiece Downriver, featured the talents of folk legends Michael McGoldrick (pipes) and Aidan O'Rourke (fiddle) — however, with Matheson currently working on new material for release later this year, tomorrow's audience might be treated to some rare works in progress.

So forget the Fringe, and how amazing and worldly it is, for now — because this isn't a bad time to sit back with a single malt whisky and listen to the stirring sounds of this Scottish daughter.