Event preview: WWE Raw World Tour @ Braehead Arena, Glasgow

Published by Metro

Tuesday 6th November, 6.30pm, £30-£60,
Braehead Arena, Glasgow. Tel: 0844 277 6062. www.braehead-arena.co.uk

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As two bleary-eyed, flannel-shirted drunks rather energetically demonstrated to a crowd outside an unnamed city centre bar last week, you can watch wrestling for free just about anywhere in Glasgow.

If you hang around long enough in the wee hours of a Friday or Saturday night, when tanked-up guys and dolls stumble between watering holes and takeaways, chances are you won't be denied some grappling action.

But tonight the professionals are in town. Yes, the over-the-top stars of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) — including the likes of Layla, Daniel Bryan and Kane — will be throwing punches, chokeslams and neckbreakers over at Braehead Arena, where the WWE Raw World Tour takes place.

This extravaganza also features the Ryback v CM Punk bout for the Championship, and the Special Attraction Match between John Cena and Dolph Ziggler.

True, it's all fake, but so is Santa Claus, and he's pretty fun. The WWE is a darn good show, and whether you have to fight a small child to get your hands on a ticket, this is a spectacular audience experience you deserve.