Album review: Dimly Lit by
Neils Children

Published by Press Association


VIDEO: Neils Children — Dimly Lit music video

The late, great Ray Manzarek, whose hypnotic organ riffs made Jim Morrison seem less of an idiot in the Doors, would have probably loved this record by Neils Children.

Why? Because keys dictate the flow of the alternative rock quartet’s new album, which veers well away from their guitar-led melodies of old – towards a more electronic future.

Yet despite the prominence it offers to ebony and ivory, Dimly Lit is of many colours. There are shades of MGMT and Blonde Redhead, as enchanting drum loops, jazzy bassline flourishes and John Linger’s floating vocals fuel the psychedelic momentum.

The songs vary in pace, with the quicker ones – including the title track – appended by gorgeous ambient samples.

Mature but goosebump-inducingly beautiful, this little gem might just turn out to be the band’s masterpiece.



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