Album review: Kveikur by Sigur Rós

Published by Press Association


VIDEO: Sigur Rós — Brennisteinn

These Icelandic giants have already made much of the “aggressive” step they’ve taken on Kveikur, their seventh studio album and second in the space of a year.

Indeed, from the first track – and first single, Brennesteinn – ‘til the last, this is a whole lot more punchy, pounding, and ultimately percussional, than anything that came before.

But “aggressive” is a strong word. After all, we’re talking about Sigur Ros, whose music remains the most beautiful currently being made. They haven’t become Rammstein overnight. The echoing falsetto vocals, euphoric waves of synth, dainty jingles, tender strings and softly hummed harmonies still stop you dead in your tracks.

The upping of the pace on Kveikur nevertheless makes it slightly less accessible than the band’s previous offerings, but it’s still every bit as bedazzling as you’d hope – given time.



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