Bird's Eye View

I’ve seen it all, I’ve seen it all,
Winter to Summer, Spring through Fall.
Holding hands to kissing necks, virgins through lust,
Tee shirts to suits, sweaters through cuffs.

They grew up on my street, I studied them from the trees
that lined the gardens, littered with the maple leaves.
And the white picket fences, the porches lit at night –
It was power that beckoned me, and halted my flight.

We remember the nervous, sticky encounters in back seats of cars,
Sighed away on idle Thursdays
Smirked away on long walks home
Or, occasionally, relived, when grandma has the kids.

He once had a bit on the side,
An ugly lady, on Tuesdays for a while.
I knew; she once suspected, and he twice lied,
Never raised his hand, though hardly ever smiles.

Her parents didn’t like him, too coarse, too dim.
But he did make her laugh, and she quickly fell in love.
Round for lunch every Sunday she was, giggles and grins
Now it’s tears half the time, the innocence flown away on the wing of a dove.