Chu Ma Shu - a profile.

Chu Ma Shu on MySpace - 7 December 2006

Chu Ma Shu are everything and nothing you’ve ever heard. Formed in Pickering, North Yorkshire in 2002, the band’s recreational habits form a pillar of the culture we know as ‘rock n roll’, whilst they are both innovative and creative with their ever-evolving musical output. Marrying influences from bands like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Del Amitri, the band has won Battle of the Bands contests in both Helmsley and York. They recorded an E.P. in 2004 with 6K Vision, which was mixed at the infamous Abbey Road Studios in London. The band has also played at a cluster of diverse live venues since its birth – from the smoky pubs around the area, through the swanky music bars of York and Scarborough, to open-air events at Pickering Castle.
But Chu Ma Shu have changed three members in as many years. Twins Dan and Mike Harding (who co-founded the band back in ’02) left the band in 2005 to pursue their interests in A Dog Named Hero, whereas Rob Lumby seemed to follow the fate of the Manics’ Richie Edwards and promptly vanished into the leafy York suburbs. In one fell swoop, the band was robbed of its drummer, bassist and rhythm guitarist. But as the months wore on, Chu managed navigate their way back into the limelight with new bassist (Jake’s brother) Max D’Alquen and new drummer Andy Wardell.

Now, after an era of music drowned in side-partings and black-rimmed glasses is drawing to an end, Chu’s roots in the classic rock camp are making themselves heard again.