The Thought Express

Wrap puckered lips around
Suck the chopped dark haven
Infect clean lungs with harsh wind
The only light in a dark world

Breathe in the icy mornings
Jolt back and keep inhaling
You’re at Woodstock now
With bleary eyes and pounding flesh

Taste the fear
Taste the warmth
Taste the break from the relentless storm

The ghost thinness of sprinting disease
Spading inside you

Taste the sound
Taste the trees
Taste the sun
Taste the seas

Taste the ink
Taste the paint
Taste the inspiration
Undress your ideas
Plant the seed
Let it rise and let it be

Smudgy fingers dirt the page
This is art
This is yourself
This is your blood

Let the ink scream
Let the ink dream
Let the ink shout
And then, dock out.